A new Leader for the borough council…

We’ve just shared on our Facebook page an announcement by the borough council.  Here’s part of what the announcement says:

“Councillor Moira Gibson, Ward Councillor for Windlesham for 28 years and the second longest-serving Borough and District Council Leader in Surrey, announced at an Extraordinary meeting of the Council on Wednesday 30 January that she is stepping down as Leader of the Council on 26 February 2019 and will not be standing in the local elections in May of this year. “It’s time for something new for Surrey Heath, and for me personally,” said Councillor Gibson.”

(You can find the full announcement here – https://bit.ly/2MNsA5X )

On Facebook we commented:

“This announcement presents the Eye with a challenge. We’re grateful for all the work that the Leader has carried out over the years on behalf of the borough, and we hope she enjoys her ‘retirement’ to the full. But – and there has to be a ‘but’ – we have made it obvious over the years that we are frustrated by our council; what it says, what it doesn’t say, what it does and what it doesn’t do. We’ve been longing for change at the ‘top’. New ideas and new approaches are needed. We hope that Cllr Brooks, almost certainly the new Leader, can bring these to the ‘party’. We shall see…”

11 thoughts on “A new Leader for the borough council…

  1. David, Mr Brooks does not even respond to direct emails from his constituents …. or answer phone messages! Plus ca change!! A more radical change is required.

    Ian Mclaughlin

    • Strictly, there may well be strong leadership within the Tory councillor group. But residents won’t/don’t necessarily see this; to them, ‘leadership’ is probably more about establishing a clear direction from the borough – one with buy-in from the residents. It’s as much an external role as an internal one.

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