10 thoughts on “No such thing as a lunch – free or otherwise.

  1. Because, since the council has replaced all the office space with flats, there is a lack of employees in town to have lunch.
    The council in desperation is trying schemes like free parking and buses from local business centers, however, the real problem is that if you have no small and medium businesses in town, you have no day time economy.

    • To be fair on the council, central government makes it difficult for any local authority to reject the conversion of offices into flats. The default HAS to be do accept any such planning application. (It’s barely a application, more a statement of intent.)

    • The lunchtime economy has been on the wane for a very long time, particularly for restaurants.
      Many small and medium businesses have realised that they do not need to be located in town centres where rents are higher and access and parking is difficult and expensive. The days of lingering business lunches also disppeared some time ago. The night time economy is the most important to the catering trade and that should be boosted by an increased number of residents in the town centre.
      My take on the lunchtime closure of Sanjah is that their evening trade is so good now that they do not need to open at lunchtimes when trade is far less profitable.

  2. Many businesses (such as my own) are also experiencing what could be called “Brexit headwinds” and are cutting back on any unnecessary expenditure in an effort to keep afloat. Going to restaurants isn’t necessary, so we aren’t doing it at the moment.

  3. Me too. But the bike shop couldn’t compete on price with the internet. If you knew what you wanted buying via the internet was almost a no-brainer. (And if you didn’t know what you wanted, then the internet was a pretty good place to research the subject and find out.)

    • I was quite friendly with the people in the bike shop (due the amount of times I went in there !) and before it closed to become the restaurant they were saying that their sales were fine (they priced matched with the internet) but the problem was the cost of the least was going up because, and I quote, “Camberley is an up and coming area”

      • on the other hand, I THINK somewhere I’ve a photo of the notice in their window when they closed. I could be wrong, but I think one of the reasons it gave for closure was internet competition – or maybe that’s what someone told me. It’s a while ago now.

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