Ignorance is bliss – though you might die early from it

Mike has pointed out that, according to the borough council’s Annual Monitoring Report, one objective is “To improve the environmental quality and enhance the character of the town centre and protect the amenity and character of the surrounding residential areas”  However, Mike also quotes from the Report: “Camberley Air Quality Monitoring Station was located outside of the town centre, at Castle Road, adjacent to the M3. It closed in August 2012 – information for CTC [Camberley Town Centre] air quality is therefore currently unavailable.”

Is that good enough?  A target with no data?  Moreover, eighteen months ago the Blackwater Valley Friends of the Earth monitored a number of local sites and claimed they had identified “three separate areas breaching the legal EU limit for nitrogen dioxide.” (Picture below from Surrey Live).

Another thought.  It’s ironic that there will probably be a speed limit on the Blackwater Valley Road in order to reduce pollution.  Yet, in 2014, a proposed speed limit on the M3 to reduce pollution was turned down, even though the “smart motorway scheme could have significant local air quality impacts for people living and working at locations along the M3 between junction 3 and 4.  The motorway passes alongside residential areas in Bagshot, Lightwater, Frimley and Camberley in particular.” Ho, hum.

12 thoughts on “Ignorance is bliss – though you might die early from it

  1. In most all other safety critical industries, where oversight responsible is taken seriously, I think the following might apply. Gross negligence is a conscious and voluntary disregard of the need to use reasonable care,which is likely to cause foreseeable grave injury or harm to persons,property, or both. It is conduct that is extreme when compared with ordinary Negligence, which is a mere failure to exercise reasonable care

  2. Brexit should be a serious concern, when we in the UK have incompetent local and central government. When our representatives consciously hide life threatening situations. Is this a reason why some feel threaten with EU oversight and enforcement. As SHBC clearly are happy to ignore, try your MP to see if you get similar response.

  3. Reports of serious (life threatening) Regulatory Compliance failures by SHBC are denied, ignored and when escalated to be proven breaches… The guilty are protected.

    Question for Surrey Heath residents.. Do you trust SHBC?

  4. What about air quality in the vicinity of local schools at drop off and pick up times when lots a parents sit in their diesel 4x4s with the engine running polluting the atmosphere through which children have to walk. I’m sure this is not beneficial to their health. This could in part explain why UK children come so low in tables of international education levels.

    I did ask this question of a local councillor but guess what, no reply.

      • It’s a vicious circle. The more parents who take their children to school by car, the harder it is for other children to walk. So THEIR parents take them by car too. Someone needs to shout ‘STOP’!

  5. The A331 road link in the Plan within Guildford Borough Council area modelled
    compliance in 2022 if no actions were taken. Assessment of local data shows in
    compliance earlier in 2020.
    2.4 The local air quality modelling work undertaken shows that all sections of the
    A331 achieve compliance with the annual mean for nitrogen dioxide limit
    ) by 2020 with the exception of the section between the Coleford Bridge
    Road and Frimley junctions. Consequently, the Ministerial Direction requires
    measures to be implemented that will achieve compliance in the shortest
    possible time on this section of the A331 Blackwater Valley Relief Road.

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