Is there any point?

In mid 2014, the borough council announced the following:

“Surrey Heath Borough Council has published an exciting new video outlining its vision for the future of Camberley Town Centre, detailing how, by 2018, it will be one of the top 100 towns in the UK.”

We’d love to know whether this Top 100 objective has been achieved by 2019 – and how progress and success have been ‘measured’.  But we know that there would be no point in asking.  Last time we sent the council a simple ‘yes/no’ question, the response was a total nonsense, completely failing to provide any meaningful answer.  We’d expect the same sort of evasive twaddle if we asked about the Top 100 target.  What a disgrace.

9 thoughts on “Is there any point?

  1. You shouldn’t give up answering the questions, and publicising their ridiculous responses. Also, every time they try and announce some trumped up triumph, you should ask them then too. Never let them forget their own failures. And hopefully, enough voters will see your questions and realise that they have repeatedly elected a bunch of incompetents, and that this is the result.

    Is Camberley even one of the top 1000 towns in the UK now?

    • We have to expect a degree of ‘hype’, as it’s the council’s job to promote the town. But the hype seems to include scattering over-the-top adjectives wherever possible. Eg “SHBC’s investments have already seen the unique acquisition of The Square shopping centre” Yes, it is unique in the sense that there’s no other identical shopping mall. In the same way, it’s true that ‘the council is uniquely incompetent’.

  2. Following on from SHBC’s assertion that they will be one of the top 100 towns in the UK, I notice that they did not say in which category this would be. Perhaps they actually are a success as they wished to be in the top 100 failures. I cannot think of any other reason for ‘blowing their own trumpet’, because otherwise would they not be hanging their heads in shame?

  3. Sadly , with very few exceptions, councillors are completely out of their depth when it comes to planning infrastructure and services, hence the huge amounts spent on consultants and even more wasted as we have seen with SHBC’s investment of 90M+ in their own backyard.
    I bet they rolled over completely when Mike Ashley demanded a rent free holiday for HOF.

      • Perhaps it is time that councillors were voted into their jobs after it had been proved that they had some sort of relevant knowledge and experience which showed that they were competent to fill the role. At the moment it seems that anyone can put themselves forward for any position whether they are able or not. Another thought….perhaps all the councillors jobs, which at the moment are filled by volunteers claiming expenses, should be just that, salaried positions filled by people who have the correct experience, and more important, can be sacked if they are proved to be useless, then there would be o need to be employing numberless consultants. Would this prove cheaper in the long run? (Just a thought to provoke discussion?)

      • I don’t feel that’s the right diagnosis, Angela. In the current system, councillors are elected by residents (who are supposed to know and trust them) to represent them. Oversimplifying, the councillors set priorities for the council staff, based on what the councillors think residents want. This doesn’t require professional qualifications and any specific experience – it needs an ability to ‘relate’ to the residents, their views and their needs. It’s the job of the council staff – who DO need the appropriate professional qualifications – to carry out the councillors’ priorities (or to tell the councillors why what they want can’t be done). Realistically, even council staff won’t always have the skills required for a particular project, and hiring a consultant is the sensible thing to do. But deaing with consultants is a skill in its own right – without it, the process gets out of hand and out of budget!

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