More flats in the town…

You’ll remember the former Kitchen Kapers shop in the High Street.  The premises have been empty for a while, of course (we think that all Kitchen Kapers’ branches have closed).  But a planning application was submitted a month or so ago to redevelop the rear of the site.  Specifically, the proposal is for the “Erection of three storey building containing three flats following demolition of existing garage building.”  The application replaces one that was rejected earlier in the year.

The earlier application was for a “Roof extension and four storey rear extension to provide five flats and retention of a ground floor Class A1 retail unit”, but it was turned down, amongst other reasons, because its height “would fail to conserve or enhance the Victorian and Edwardian integrity of the defined High Street Character Area ”  That’s a good reason; we can think of too many instances when the historic character of the High Street has been lost.

2 thoughts on “More flats in the town…

  1. The thing about having a ‘safe’ Conservative council is that they can’t put any blame on the previous incumbents. The state of Camberley, whether you think it’s good or bad, is entirely at their hands.

    So one one hand it’s good that they are at least trying to preserve the Victoria character, but on the other hand, I fear they’ve already allowed the horse to bolt.

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