Cutting Edge Fabrics cutting back?

It looks as if Cutting Edge – the fabric et al shop near the top of the High Street – is quitting its premises.  Fiona alerted us to the sign above the entrance, and said that she “was told that the lease runs out in May, rent has just been raised and trade is not good. They will look for more premises in the area but they need it to be spacious”

It’s ironic.  The borough council reduced the rent of the House of Fraser – undoubtedly to encourage the shop to stay open.  But diagonally across the town centre, apparently (we stress, apparently) a landlord is increasing the rent, risking the loss of a tenant.

(We understand that Allsorts has just stopped selling ‘craft materials’.  If Cutting Edge Fabrics closes, is there anywhere else in the town that will still supply them?)

4 thoughts on “Cutting Edge Fabrics cutting back?

  1. I’m very sorry to see this shop closing. It is the only shop of its type in Camberley. I use it but must admit I don’t spend a lot of money there. I think the landlord is being very silly to raise the rent at this difficult time for shops of any size. Perhaps they want the premises empty so they can build yet more flats there !

  2. When I was visiting this shop yesterday – unfortunately they did not have what I was looking for – the assistant told me that they would be leaving in March and that a charity shop was taking it over.

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