16 thoughts on “Allsorts on New Year’s Day!

  1. I wish ‘Allsorts’ all the best in their new home. I have been a customer of theirs for year and years and always found them helpful and friendly. Good luck!

  2. Like i said before, i hope they have a good online presence as the footfall is minimal down there, it’s cheaper rent for a reason. No business in recent years have lasted more than 2 years in that location, I think the polska shop barely lasted a year in the premises that is now the charity shop

  3. When what is now the charity shop – opposite to ‘Allsorts’ new location – used to be the art suppliers shop it did a roaring trade and lasted for years, probably because it did not have to rely on passing trade. It was a specialist’s shop and people knew it was there and visited it or went to another town. Now that the art shop has gone there is nowhere in Camberley that sells ‘decent’ art materials for the serious artist.

      • Do we have any specialists shop for anything any more? We seem to just increase our number of eateries, hairdressers and nail-bars but shops selling items that the public needs seem to have disappeared completely. No wonder shoppers are not coming to Camberley any more, they are forced to go elsewhere for items to do with interests and hobbies, etc. and stay there for the rest of their shopping – and where is the nearest decent hardware shop?

    • To me a decent hardware shop/ironmonger’s shop is one where you can dig about and buy two screws or four nails of whatever size is needed, and not have to buy whatever number they are selling all nicely packaged in a plastic bag. Or you can ask the assistants/owner for advice and they can give it off the top of their heads, and know exactly what ‘bit’ you need. And if you want to buy a ‘gizmo’ or anything not bang up to date, or get something repaired they can always fill any request. These kind of shops seem to only exist now in unfashionable small towns a little off the beaten track – but they are still there if you know where to look. We could also do with a decent butchers and fishmongers in the town centre. I know there are some on Frimley Road but it is not always convenient to go there just for one purchase. When we first moved to Camberley forty odd years ago we could find everything that was needed to live a normal life but not any more.

      • Dinosaurs still walk the earth. We call their descendents ‘birds’. But they’ve had to evolve a long way to survive – which is what retailers will have to do.

      • I think it’s simple, Angela. If there was enough demand to make such shops profitable in Camberley, they’d still exist here. There are plenty of retailers wanting to find a reliable business. But the reality is that there’s a MUCH wider choice of items on the internet, usually at reasonable prices. And, if the customer needs advice, there’s plenty on the internet too. Some of the local Facebook groups are widely used by people asking for help, and others giving it to them. (Some of the advice is even correct!) So I’m afraid there isn’t a good living to be made out of being a small ironmonger any more. Even B&Q struggles.

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