This little piggy went to Bracknell

The nonsense of putting something like half of Main Square car park out of action at this time of year, plus local traffic problems, meant that the Eye ventured to Bracknell to spend some hard-won pounds yesterday.  (Camberley retailers who lost out know who to blame for the car park situation.)

Anyway, though the weather was unseasonably warm, the skies were grey and the strong wind meant that drizzle was in the air and the pavement was wet underfoot in spite of the roofing over some of the Lexicon’s walkways.  It wasn’t somewhere to linger.

Now ‘linger’ is an word that rings bells – we reckon that we’ve heard senior council personnel say that they want Camberley to be a place where shoppers linger.  We agree with that.  But, why on earth doesn’t ‘the council’ exploit the fact that The Square has a high glass roof to keep out the weather without being claustrophobic.  Instead of the big hoarding on the A30 frontage indicating that it’s possible to buy trainers and coffee in the town (wow – hardly a unique feature!) the council should be emphasising that you can wander around the mall in comfort.  An opportunity missed.

4 thoughts on “This little piggy went to Bracknell

  1. The cabal at Knoll Rd do not listen, learn or care.
    In my own area, in an attempt to improve the environment, suggestions to all relevant personnel from portfolio holder down have not elicited one positive response and several non responses.
    On Meridian news last night, much inconvenience and angst in Poole caused by closure of new bridge to port hugely amplified by local councils inability to communicate with residents…so we are not alone!

  2. The Council should be doing its utmost to promote the whole of Camberley and not just the Square. If they are seen to be heavily promoting the facilities in The Square might that not be seen as a conflict of interest?
    A lot of time and public money has been spent on refurbishing part of The Square but sadly, I don’t think the appearance will ever make much difference to the footfall. The most important draw to a shopping centre must be the quality and variety of shops, followed by the availability of parking at sensible prices. There are several towns that have excellent shops but I won’t go there because of the difficulty parking and as for the flooring, lighting and artwork, I couldn’t care less.

  3. You’re right, of course, the council should promote the whole town. But there IS a conflict of interests. The council owns The Square and its success has to be a top priority. The conflict can be resolved by arguing that the council should aim to increase the number of shoppers in the town and this will benefit all the retailers. Advertising trainers won’t attract many people away from Bracknell etc. Uniqueness might.

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