Former Working Men’s Club – redevelopment underway

It’s been difficult to photograph the site of the former Working Men’s Club in Obelisk Way for quite a while.  It has hoardings which block the view at the front and the back, and, of course, there are buildings on either side.  However, our first photo – sneaked from the back – shows the site earlier this year when it had been cleared completely.  It stayed that way for months, but then the pile drilling rig moved in….  Our second photo – poor quality, because it was taken in some horrid weather – shows the drilling rig in action in what had become a very muddy site.  We hadn’t thought about it before, but it seems that the pile’s steel reinforcement is lowered down the hole and concrete poured in pretty much as soon as the hole has been drilled and before it can collapse.  This would make sense!  Our photo includes the ready-mix truck standing by with its drum turning.

2 thoughts on “Former Working Men’s Club – redevelopment underway

  1. On a technical note – depending on the ground conditions often the pile hole is filled with Bentonite (google Bentonite Piling) to stop it collapsing and the concrete is poured through the Bentonite which comes to the top and is collected, filtered and reused. Larger piles have a steel lining which is withdrawn as the concrete is poured.

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