6 thoughts on “Preparation for Rembrance

  1. saw people working on the flower beds as I walked along the A30 Monday afternoon. Isn’t it looking great for the Remembrance Service?

  2. Will the eye be attending the service ? It would be nice to see a picture of the entire parade on the main road in front of the memorial to show the support it gets. Most newspapers won’t show photos like this as its looks bad as you cannot see detail in their low resolution printing – so they opt for a few close ups of a wreath being laid or just a group of people on the parade. Perhaps the eye can get a GOOD picture with most people in it to show the significance of the activity.

    • I won’t be publishing any photos of mine, Mark. For various simple reasons I virtually never write anything about events in the town. But this isn’t a ‘ban’ – if I’m sent a suitable contribution by ANO, then I’ll probably include it.

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