A photograph of what’s not there…..

We said at the start of the regeneration of The Square that we weren’t going to keep a blow-by-blow record of what was happening.  So, we’re having to work from memory here.

We were quite fond of the ‘old’ mall, though it did need a good clean and a fresh coat of paint.  However, we’re quite happy with the changed appearance too.  It’s certainly a bit more modern and in keeping with current fashion.  But there are/were two exceptions: the panels above Jack Wills and those above Trespass.  The former reminded us of small wooden pallets – you know, the sort of thing that bulk materials are delivered on.  The latter just seemed too fussy, and a poor match with the low-key panels elsewhere.  Rather strangely, though, in both cases the panels seem to have disappeared, and only their supporting framework is left.  As today’s photo shows.

7 thoughts on “A photograph of what’s not there…..

  1. I am still hugely concerned about the wires hanging down by Superdrug. A health and safety issue. we all know how many bad parents there are in town and some wiuld do nothing if their kids were jumping to reach the wires!!

  2. Like you, I don’t dislike the fresher appearance but it almost seems that they are making it up as they go along. We have the original overly fussy floor laid in Grace Reynolds Walk that now does not match the more recently laid floors, assorted fascias appearing around the Square such as the dreary 1980’s black panels over JD Sports and the O2 shop, retention of the outdated wooden fascia on Lloyds Bank, nothing at all happening on Obelisk Way and all taking so long that I very much doubt that the target of completion by the end of this year can be achieved..

    • Some of it’s a matter of personal taste, of course. I’m neutral about those ‘dreary black panels’ – but I do think the ‘warm white’ lighting between each of them is a wasted opportunity. It should make a statement of some sort – purple, green, or whatever. Warm white is just dull.
      I don’t think upgrading Obelisk Way was in the timescale for this year. In fact, I suspect it’s not in any timescale. The council has said for years that it wants to open east-west links in the town; this would probably have to be part of the London Road Block redevelopment. So Obelisk Way will have to wait for that.

      • Sorry, I assumed that Obelisk Way was part of The SQ. If it is left as it is, The SQ will always look unfinished but then I suppose that would be in keeping with SHBC’s track record of never quite getting there.

      • Stuart, I probably wasn’t clear. Obelisk Way is part of The Square, but I THINK its make over isn’t part of the current revamp. The north side is part of the London Road Block, so it’ll probably be flattened in some way. (‘Flattened’ in more ways than one, perhaps!)

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