Borough council owes the Eye 50p….

Yesterday we tried paying for parking in Main Square car park using the Glide app.  (We only do this in the first half of the month when there’s a 50p discount.  Much of the rest of the time we find it quicker to use the pay machines.)  But the app came up with a message saying something like Guest Payments were no longer permitted.  And it did the same thing several times in quick succession.  We hadn’t realised that we were a guest!  But, not to be beaten, we fired up the Masterpass app to see if we could work our way backwards through the payment process.  Which got us nowhere.  As you can see from the red bar at the top of our screen print below, the ‘”merchant” – NewPark – wasn’t available.  We were sitting in our car at the time, so it meant traipsing back to a pay machine.  No marks for convenience or cheapness, SHBC.  We want our 50p!

(We were a bit surprised to see that Byron is still on the Masterpass system.  How many months ago did it close?)

14 thoughts on “Borough council owes the Eye 50p….

  1. I also see that the adverts in the app are out of date as Byron Burger does no longer exist, in Camberley and I am Sure that the Burger bar that has replaced it would have appreciated a bit of publicity on the app instead.

  2. well knowing how much some top officials at the council get paid I don’t think its unreasonable to ask for your 50p back. #50pgate

  3. I hear the government is minting some new 50p coins. Maybe this is the reason why – there will be a stack of them at the exit barrier, ready to be handed out…

  4. Probably nothing devalues Camberley more than the disfunctional management of all parking related issues.
    The shopping experience is poor compared to other regional retail areas that I only venture in by necessity and consequently only need half an hour.
    Last week end, compare and contrast to Salisbury, a town blighted some say by novichok…wrong the place was heaving and the momentum continued through late afternoon because he council there have the wit to offer free parking after 3pm.
    I don’t swallow the poor councillors line. There are too many so called Execs trousering 100000+ and even local councillors probably sweep up 10000,s.
    No surprise their are so many family connections gobbling away at the SHBC trough.

  5. With todays report on how 200 town centres are facing bankruptcy I wouldn’t mind betting that SHBC buying into Camberley Town Centre (with our Council taxes) for £90M or whatever is probably one massive COCKUP.

    The previous owners must be sipping tequilas in the Caribeean and toasting SHBC Executtive.

    • I’m sure, Emil, that the council would argue that the purchase WASN’T with our council tax. Stricly, it was with borrowed money and – I understand – the council is not allowed to charge taxpayers for any costs incurred. (But I’ve yet to find out who pays the bill in the event that the whole investment goes bottom up… There must be an answer – maybe it’s that the investment CAN’T go bottom up, but I’ve not seen that stated categorically either.)

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