And now for something a little different….

Last night the borough council held an informal meeting for those residents thinking of standing for election to the council next year.  The Eye went along to find out more.  (Don’t read anything one way or another into this!!)

It was an interesting meeting, with council staff and councillors both present.  The Eye was reasonably familiar with quite a lot of the factual presentations, so, if we had to reduce our impressions to just one, we’d highlight the substantial commitment that dedicated councillors make for very little financial reward.  This is probably not recognised sufficiently within the community.  (No, we haven’t gone soft…. we’re just giving credit where and when credit is due.)

Anyway, we promised to record here one brief conversation that we had with the council’s Chief Executive before the meeting.  She said that – and we hope we’re quoting her correctly – she loved her job and she loved Camberley.  To which we replied that we (that’s the Camberley Eye AND Camberley Observed) liked Camberley sufficiently to have lived here for umpteen years.  We’d have moved away long ago otherwise.

Of course, liking a town doesn’t mean that it can rest on its laurels.  Our business background is one of seeking continuous improvement, and that applies to Camberley too…..


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