Bus stop or bus stand?

For ages we’ve been aware of this bus stop outside the former Cambridge Hotel.  Or, at least, the wording on the road is ‘Bus Stop’.  However, the adjacent sign says ‘Bus Stand’.  Now, we think we know the difference between a stop and a stand, but we don’t recall ever seeing a bus there, stopping, standing, or doing anything else!

Is it that the stop/stand is only occupied at times when we’re not in the town centre? (We’re a creature of habit, so this is quite possible.)  Or is there another explanation?

8 thoughts on “Bus stop or bus stand?

  1. Four million years ago, you could get off a National Express bus from Victoria there, having caught the one to Victoria from the stop on the other side of the road earlier the same day.

  2. As Paul says, in the good old days when we had our own London Link busses, this was the home stop. A service much missed.

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