The street scene

“Irrespective of the material used, a high quality of workmanship is essential for the quality of finish and the longevity of the landscape. The aim is to create a cohesive, coordinated palette of hard landscape materials which are easy to use, maintain, and be controlled.”  Surrey Heath Borough Council, March 2015.

In contrast, our photo was taken in Obelisk Way, this October.  What a difference! As we’ve said before, the council plans for the longer-term, but we live in the present.

2 thoughts on “The street scene

  1. What Surrey Heath and its Councillors say and what they actually do are sadly chalk and cheese.

    Horrified to read the other day that local elections are due here next yr when said councillors re appear after 4 yrs hibernation, to deliver another truckload of bulls droppings in order to get elected.

    Looking around my local ward (Deepcut) for any improvements and changes for the good in 4 yrs…nada nothing rien.

    To those who say have a go yourself..the answer is never in a month of Sundays..its all politics, with meetings about meetings and antiquated procedures and rules in x number of commitees which would drive any normal living person round the bend.

    The town of Frome which always seems to receive a good press coverage (who wouldnt when you manage to entice and allow The Foo Fighters to perform in their town 😉 actually benefits from a council full of independents who by all accounts run the town for everybody.

    Be good if SHBC and all other borough councils were abolished , instead towns of a certain size had a more focussed town council, and the rest of the region was dealt with by a revamped county.
    Hogs might fly 😁

    • The sad reality is that most of the electorate aren’t very interested in Camberley. Otherwise they wouldn’t vote overwhelmingly for the same party year after year. A healthy council is one whose decisions are challenged.
      I think I’ve cited Frome as a model – perhaps you said that you knew it well?

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