Scrambling the jigsaw even more!

If you’ve walked up Park Street and turned westwards onto the A30 at any time in the last few years, you may have noticed that the cycle lane markings on the pavement didn’t make sense.  They did, once upon a time, but a utility company raised all the concrete slabs on which they were painted to carry out some service work, and when the slabs were replaced they were put down in random order.  You can see some of the result in our photo – look at the pavement nearest the camera.

What you’ll also see from our photo is that some of the slabs have been raised once more – for repairs to an underground electricity cable.  What are the odds that the cycle lane markings will make more sense when the job is finished?  We’ve not been that way for a day or two;  let us know if you’ve walked round that corner more recently.

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