Where IS Knoll Road car park?

Roy has sent us this photo of the parking tariff that’s on display in The Square.  He wrote “Thankfully as a local, I know Knoll Road is nowhere near the sign, but I do feel sorry for the visitors who brave this town.”

We have to agree with Roy.  What’s more, visitors might reasonably assume that the tariff on display refers to the adjacent car park, and not the one that’s ten minutes walk away.  Indeed, what IS the purpose of the sign?  If it’s to tell people that parking is cheaper in Knoll Road, then it should say so.  If it’s to tell people that, if Main Square car park is full, there’s another in Knoll Road, then it should make this clear.  (Though, as the sign is inside the mall, it’s a bit too late.  Any drivers reading it must have managed to park already!)

5 thoughts on “Where IS Knoll Road car park?

  1. The queues into the sq (sic) car park were really long today, with cars seemingly waiting forever at the ‘full’ signs. Perhaps if the sign had been outside (before the roundabout, which was also blocked), some people might have decided to go there instead, saving time and shortening the queue.

    • Thanks, Paul. I wasn’t in Camberley today, so missed the ‘fun’. I guess that the car park renovation has taken so many spaces out of service that queuing is inevitable at the moment. Of course, drivers can access the council’s car park app while they wait to check on the number of empty spaces. What’s the betting that it was giving the right answer today, though???

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