Crowd control in Princess Way?

We were a bit surprised to see a substantial police presence in Princess Way yesterday.  We guessed that they must have been called out to control enthusiastic shoppers queueing at Mr Emment’s popular fruit and veg stall.  But no, it turned out that they were there to deal with a rather different event.  It’s good to see that they can still turn up, in spite of cuts.

5 thoughts on “Crowd control in Princess Way?

    • Ooh dear, Angela. I do know what had happened, but I don’t usually report details of police incidents. It’s only because there’s not a lot happening in the town that I mentioned this one at all. I obviously should have written about something else!

  1. Angela Holland – I was just about to ask that. Imagine if the BBC starting behaving like this – there would be an outcry. I think the Eye is being a tease.

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