Grubby tiles – temporarily?

Keith has provided this picture of the new tiles in The Square looking decidedly grubby.  As he says, the dirt is worse in places than his photo suggests.

But we remember a similar situation when the ‘first phase’ of floor tiles was laid in Grace Reynolds Walk.  We recall being told that the tile adhesive/cement had to be allowed to dry before the tiles could be grouted and sealed.  So we guess that the grubbiness is only temporary.

Maybe it would help if there were a sign nearby to confirm this?

6 thoughts on “Grubby tiles – temporarily?

  1. There are no dark grey tiles in the new flooring – I wonder why – could it be one in the Eye for the Council? It is worrying what it will look like at the junction with the existing floor – just outside Costa. I think it will look very Camberley.
    If they remove the dark grey tiles from the existing – who pays?

    • Maybe the council will suddenly remember its commitment to ‘heritage’ and will leave a gap specifically so that we can still see the old mosaic tiles. That way, maybe no one will notice the difference?

  2. Given the length of time the facelift is taking, will the same tiles even be in production when they get round to doing other areas of the floor?

  3. The Chief Executive was reported in “Heathscene” that the refurbishment will be finished by the end of the year. She has seen the builder’s programme and the work on site so she must be right?

    • SHBC put the following on the Eye FB page yesterday “Hi, Once the resurfacing is completed then work will begin on stairwell refurbishment together with the installation of brighter and more energy efficient LED lighting throughout the car park – all due for completion by the end of 2018. Thanks.”

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