The Eye will take today off!

There’ll be a vast number of cameras/phones on duty at the car show today, and the Eye’s humble Instamatic won’t be able to compete.  So we’ll leave it at home and just wander around off-duty.  But our Eye lids will be open again tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “The Eye will take today off!

  1. I think the Camberley car show was a hit today. The town full of folk . Lots of footfall. The cafes & restaurants including the outside eating and drinking areas packed with the young and the old clinking glasses, lunching and relaxing, great atmosphere. More of it I say, especially during the summer months . The development of outside eating & drinking space should be encouraged, done well it enhances the Town as a whole.

  2. And it’s a shame that the Camberley Eye can manage to turn a positive comment into a negative one.
    Celebrate Camberley – but no photographs or comments (other than to say CE won’t be reporting the event) of what seemed to be a successful event in the heart of the town.

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