Strict demarcation outside the Atrium

Have you ever noticed that the pavement inside the studs in front of the Atrium is sometimes cleaner than the pavement closer to the kerb?  Presumably, the studs mark the boundary of the Atrium’s property, and the Atrium’s cleaners don’t go outside them?  Which is fair enough, though it creates a rather odd impression.

10 thoughts on “Strict demarcation outside the Atrium

      • Fair point, but why should the Atrium tenants pay for the cleaning of public realm via their service charge when their business rates are already meant to be contributing to that?

        Plus, I would imagine there are insurance and liability issues if Atrium contractors are operating outside of the demise.

      • I’ve made the same point – why should the atrium pay to clean the public highway? – but a grubby pavement isn’t in the Atrium’s interest. But I’m not sure there’s much difference in liability etc If a contractor is injured or does damage it doesn’t matter which side of the studs they’re on.

  1. You would have thought with at least 50% of the Multi Storey Car Park out of action the Council would have thought of reducing the cost of parking or free whilst work is in ongoing, it’s called thinking out of the box!

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