New planters but for the wrong reasons

The new planters in Park Street have already been mentioned elsewhere.  But here’s a photo of one, just for the record.  They offer rather more seating than the previous planters (and, as our second photo shows, they provide somewhere to put a bucket!).

The rather sad thing is one of the reasons given by the council for removing the previous modest trees.  Apparently they were making it difficult to see the shops.  Huh.  Talk about snowflakes.  Our third photo shows a couple of trees in a shopping street;  these REALLY ‘obstruct’ the view.  But they provide lots of shade from the sun – something that’s been very welcome in the last few weeks, of course.  You can just about see people sitting underneath one of them.  Try doing that under the new Park Street trees!

15 thoughts on “New planters but for the wrong reasons

  1. What a load of rubbish. Start thinking out the box and get your customers back, was there yesterday so many shops empty.

  2. That is one of the worst excuses I have ever heard in my life. Who complained about the view? Shoppers (I doubt it) or Retailers? Or the Council itself. I presume it is a combination of the last two. Of course the trees are to blame for Laura Ashley going under of course!!

    • More seating is a good idea – a number of people complained when the old planters plus seats were removed. I don’t know how much the new planters cost, but the lack of seat backs isn’t going to encourage ‘lingerers’ (though it might encourage ‘liers’)

  3. Camberley is becoming an empty “concrete”regdav jungle instead of a green and pleasant place wherein to shop and enjoy the environment.

  4. Are the new trees real? If so they will need regular attention to keep them healthy and tidy which based on my experience simply will not happen.

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