Is this a suitable High Street frontage?

We’re a bit taken aback by the new doors on the former Heywoods premises at the top of the High Street.  They seem so out-of-keeping in a street of shops that we’ve had a look at the original planning permission.  Give or take a bit, the doors are, indeed, as intended.  It appears that the two double doors are entrances to bin stores (presumably that’s why the ventilation grills above them).  The single door is apparently a residential door to the flats above and behind.  Given the council’s stated wish is to preserve the Edwardian and Victorian characteristics of the High Street, we reckon that planning permission for this frontage should never have been granted.

2 thoughts on “Is this a suitable High Street frontage?

  1. The council doesnt care. Karen Whelan and her lot have done nothing except issue press releases and collect fat salary cheques. Camberley should be ashamed of what its high street looks like. And now House of Fraser is gone, well its the end my friend.

  2. The same council (aka a cabal of power obsessed Cons) that has invested £96million in buying up its own Town Centre whilst its biggest clients eg HOF leg it!!

    If that frontage is the shape of things to come???

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