It’s been damaged for four months – but is it about to be repaired?

Back in April we warned about the damaged grating at the bottom of the ramp up to Level 5 of Main Square car park.  Guess what – it’s still damaged!

However, the good news is that the borough council has just announced*:

“Parking Services are resurfacing the remaining car park levels 1 to 3 in Main Square Car Park along with the internal ramps and the spiral exit ramp. We are also replacing the expansion joints between the car park structure and the spiral exit ramp on all levels.

When we re-line the car park, we will be making the standard bays wider by 20cm, which will give our customers some extra space and help drivers to manoeuvre in and out of the bays a little easier.

During the resurfacing work the car park will be open as usual, however some spaces will be unavailable.”

The wider parking spaces will be very welcome!

What tthe announcement doesn’t say is whether the damage shown in our photo will be repaired.  And we doubt that the faulty sealing around a drain on the top level will be corrected.  So rain will continue to penetrate to the floor below.  Finally, there’s no suggestion that the disgusting stairs will be improved at all.  They’re a dreadful introduction to the town.

* you can find the full announcement here:

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