15 thoughts on “Maybe we DO have too many vape shops?

  1. sorry to see another empty retail space but at the same time I swear I never saw anyone in there.

    And Since I don’t smoke I couldn’t really support the business.

  2. I’m very curious as to how these virtual pop-up stores manage to fund themselves initially. They come and go so quickly. I can’t imagine anyone will be sad to see a Vape shop go – and as Rachel said, I never saw anyone in there.

    • I’m pretty sure that they get a ‘trial period’ with only low rent. And there’s rate relief for small businesses, though whether this one qualified I don’t know. Quote: “If you’re a small business owner then you might be eligible for business rates relief through the government’s Small Business Rates Relief scheme (SBRR).

      This relief cuts the amount of business rates you have to pay and in some cases you are exempt from paying anything but many business owners are unaware of the rates relief on offer to them.”

    • Although they may not look it. Electromist are actually a national chain of nearly 30 stores, and unlikely to have benefited from small business rate relief. My experience with rent free periods in Camberley is that they are rare and short. In these days of shorter lease agreements I think they’d be lucky to get one month.

      Does Camberley have too many vape shops for its size? Absolutely. However, the situation is the same in Woking and Aldershot and Electromist stores have been trading there for years. Sadly I think it says more about the state of Camberley as a shopping destination than it does about the over-saturation of a particular store type.

      PS – I can imagine at least the handful of customers they had would be sad to see them go. I also didn’t shop there but I do find the rate at which businesses are closing in Camberley is at least troubling.

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