Persimmon unhinged!

Yes, we know we said a little while ago that we’d not post about posts for a bit.  But this is a nerdish post about a pole – a flagpole, to be precise.  It’s next to the Persimmon building in Knoll Road.  We’re puzzled by the flange at the bottom which obviously incorporates a hinge.  Or rather, it’s intended to incorporate a hinge, but the the hinge is bent, and there’s no hinge pin in place.  Our immediate thought was that the hinge is there so that the flagpole can be lowered.  But then we looked at the bolts, and we don’t think they’d allow the flange to pivot. So Camberley has one of life’s little mysteries!

6 thoughts on “Persimmon unhinged!

  1. Perhaps they are parsimonious and are recycling a bit from somewhere else. (forward looking too, as both pieces are kept they could be reused elsewhere if Camberley does not warrant a flag pole any more.)

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