Another vision – but we ‘have’ to respond or we can’t complain.

The County Council has produced its Vision up to 2030, and is now seeking responses.  You’ll find a jolly video if you click on the image below.  (Facebook readers MAY find that clicking first takes them to the Eye’s WordPress blog.  If so, with luck, clicking on the image while viewing the blog should work!)

And, when you’ve watched it, there’s a somewhat less jolly on-line survey to fill in HERE.

We have difficulties with virtually ALL Visions.  Almost without fail, they set out a utopian ideal with which it’s impossible to disagree.  But in the real world, shortage of resources (usually money) means that the ideal is unrealistic.  However, this survey does at least allow respondents to say how important they think various issues are.  So it does its best.

18 thoughts on “Another vision – but we ‘have’ to respond or we can’t complain.

  1. Surrey as a County has no real centre infrastructure, regional investment or representation. What did our EU MEPS achieve, and did London based MPs really ensure our local voice was recognised. Surrey Heath suffers from political constipation.

      • We certainly do…I will never ever vote Tory again locally…we have an eyesore outside our house and SHBC have constantly refused to sort it and will not let us pay to sort it either…they should be ashamed of themselves….they have no vision at all and love eyesores….Kings Court and the Train Station for starters!

        station for starters….

  2. We are paying council tax for our Tory run council to spend developing bollocks like that. The reality is that we are paying more and more council taxes whilst council services are being reduced all the time. The council are telling us all the time how well they are doing but it is just the usual Tories lies and spin we have come to know. Whoever designed that questionnaire has been trained at the Surrey Heath Borough Council school of biased incomplete and ineffective questionnaires.

  3. I played it silently but I bet there was some lovely fluffy meaningless music to go with this lovely fluffy and totally meaningless piece of tosh! I’ll be nearly 90 come 2030 so the incentive to offer comments is zero.

  4. What utter rubbish, don’t make promises you cannot fulfill, 2030 Camberley will be full of houses and the train service will not exist. be real.

  5. Is it wrong that I misread the title of the video as “Daft vision for Surrey by 2030”. Apart from that, it’s just pretty pictures (many probably not taken in Surrey) and silly music, and I found it quite difficult to stay focused for the full duration of the video.

  6. I tell you what matters to me. That we have a sensible council which lives in the real world and does not try to palm off daft suggestions to the people who pay their wages. A council which listens to the residents of their county and gives them what they want so that they may easily deal with the real world which they inhabit and not some unrealistic utopia that we know the council is not going to provide – however much money they waste trying to achieve it. One thing that they can stop doing immediately is spending thousands of pounds on trite, unrealistic, meaningless videos so that there is more money available if they ever come up with a realistic idea for bettering our environment.

    • You know of course, that to achieve that wish you have to put your self forward! (or at the very least, make sure you vote in the county elections next time!)

      • There is no way that I would put myself forward for election, I do not have the confidence or the egotism for that, but I promise you that since I reached voting age – and that was a very long time ago – at every election I have never shirked my responsibility but gone and put my mark on the voting slip.

      • I agree with you in principle. But to counter one-party dominance requires a major change. It’s unlikely that a single ‘opposition’ councillor could have much effect. So it really needs creating a new ‘party’ that can put forward a number of candidates. ( And it needs a electorate that cares….)

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