Does the council have a different calendar?

The council recently announced that it had appointed a designer for the improvement of Camberley High Street.  That’s good news, obviously.  But the council couldn’t help but congratulate itself – we quote: “This key milestone of the appointment of the designer for the High Street ensures this project is running to schedule.  The works will start spring 2019 and we aim to complete by the end of 2020…”

Now, we don’t want to appear churlish.  But we happen to have a copy of a ‘timeline’ that the council produced some years ago.  Here it is.

Now, as we read this decidedly-imprecise schedule, work on the High Street public realm was planned either to start or to finish by mid 2016.  So how on earth SHBC can claim that it’s ‘running to schedule’ beats us.  Unless the council has quietly shifted the goal-posts, or is deliberately trying to deceive residents (surely not!!), it must have a different calendar from ours.

14 thoughts on “Does the council have a different calendar?

  1. As anybody, who has worked on projects, knows, “The Schedule” is the latest agreed to plan, with all previous plans being discarded and or ignored. The same applies to the budget. So at the end of the project(s) the principal can congratulate themselves for being “on schedule” and “within budget”. The sad thing is it is our time and money that are being wasted!

    • Quite right. Of course, in many real-world situations the original costing/budget/timescale isn’t appropriate. That’s life. But then boasting that the schedule has been met just a cover-up job; a failure to be truthful.

  2. Probably find the “designer” is known to someone on the council and someone somewhere is getting a whopping great “handshake” and whatever transpires will be more of the same..mediochre Camberley.

    It is cycle access and vastly improved parking (not necessarily more spaces) systems that are needed. If Camberley is intent on losing all the big stores and replacing with indies than presumably visitors to Camberley will not be buying much and non car visits will drop…..snd England will win the World Cup😂😂😂

  3. There you go, not thinking out the box, lets all congratulate each other while sunning ourselves on a jolly, thanks taxpayers your great.

    • To be fair, that timetable was set just before the previous owners of The Mall sold out. So the clock had to start again. (Though the council should have had its Plan B ready and waiting – it was pretty obvious to observers that Plan A was shaky). Since then, retail has taken a nose-dive, and the idea of an anchor store is probably dead and buried.

  4. Guys, you didn’t think the designer was there to design the “new” High Street did you??? No, no, no… He is there to “design” and create another 4 calendars to show that everything is “on track”… Anyway, why would we suddenly hire someone who has the remotest modicum of experience doing this? This council’s leadership has taken £160M of the taxpayers money to play at learning how to develop commercial property. And the result so far? Unbridled failure… And how do we treat unbridled failure in business? Well, there’s no secret there… What will they want? Big bonuses and cost of living increases… And what do the rest of us get? Yes, besides nothing, we get to pay for it all, woo hoo!!!

    • I think I can recall consultants being retained last to assess options for the London Road Block. Yet the more-recent call for developers seems to leave it almost entirely up to them to decide what they’d like to do. What happened to those consultants’ reports?

  5. With dozens of Camberley Town Visions and design Plans I thought the design was ready. Now if SHBC had declared the contractor [ready to do it] and starting this year – That would be News !!

    Your question. SHBC time-line and frame of reference. Wiccan Calender ?

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