Planters uprooted

We knew the planters in Park Street were going to be removed.  But we didn’t know when.  At least, we didn’t until yesterday.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t wait to see the final result, but maybe we’ll show that before long.

(As yet, we don’t know what, if anything, is going to take their place.)

13 thoughts on “Planters uprooted

  1. Do you know why the decision was made to have the planters removed? They looked good to me and I don’t think they needed much maintenance.

    Penny Skelton

    • I know very little about it, Penny. The borough council is treating the whole thing as a state secret, and I don’t think it’s published any information. As so often the case, the council fails to communicate satisfactorily.

    • They’d obviously deteriorated a bit in the last ten years or so. But there did seem to be life left in them. And they’d also smelled superb for more than a week while the ‘trees’ were in blossom.

  2. Perhaps they are going to plant some proper trees, the area needs some greenery which the planters provided; or perhaps they are going to roof the whole area.

    • SHBC has now explained – way too late – that the planters were blocking the front of the shops and were also deterioriating. Why on earth the council couldn’t have warned people beforehand – and avoided negative comments – beats me (or was it simple incompetence?)

  3. Was about the only thing in Camberley that showed some life maybe they are being transplanted into the Council Offices

  4. Question.
    Are SHBC spending money on an already attractive Park Street, whilst Camberley High Street Rots. Very odd.

    The dangerous through vehicular [Super Size Lorries] and car traffic, and HS pavements are injury Law-Suite claim waiting to happen ?

    SHBC have been alerted to dangerous traffic breaches, they are aware and have done nothing for decades.

    CTC Resident

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