Too many words about scaffolding!

We’ve failed to mention the scaffolding that’s been outside Cancer Research UK in the High Street for a while.  It looks as if the roof tiles are receiving attention.

We’ve also failed to mention that the scaffolding that’s was outside the former Harwood’s opticians at the top of the High Street has been removed.

In fact, the building has been modified substantially.  You can see the new top floor in the photo above, and a new extension at the rear of the site has replaced a number of much smaller extensions.

There’s more!  Our next photo shows the former Kitchen Kapers shop within minutes of the installation in front of it being dismantled.

And, finally, our pet hate – the former Stacks shop.  We reckon that the official authorisation for the scaffolding on the pavement must have expired around a year ago.  The only good news is that heavy steelwork was delivered at the back of the site a little while ago, and someone in a hi-vis jacket has been spotted working there recently.  Just maybe we won’t have to put up with the obstruction and eyesore for very much longer.

(We ‘wonder’ whether the advertising banners that were on the scaffolding not long ago had been granted planning permission.)

We do have a bit more to say about scaffolding.  There’s a substantial ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ installation being erected at present somewhere in the town.  You may have seen it already, but we’ll be posting about it very soon.  We’ve taken a photograph in anticipation….


4 thoughts on “Too many words about scaffolding!

  1. Suggestion.
    If the developer cannot continue, perhaps an instruction to clear the site completely, remove the dangerous facade and unsightly scaffolding to create in its place, a small open green area ready for our delightful traffic free High Street. Just a Quarter to wait. We could call it Stack’s Garden.

    Same treatment for the larger London Road Block eye sore and grotty Northern Service area. Differentiate Camberley. Create open Village Green !

    No more flats. Create the social infrastructure first. I [think they call that Planning]

    CTC Resident

    • The London Road Block is a wonderful opportunity for some inspired thinking. It may be that ‘yet another’ block of flats is the only financially-viable outcome. But at least everyone would have the opportunity to put forward a USP for the town. However, the council is going hell for leather for flats – a drowning man clutching a straw comes to mind.

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