House of Fraser – three announcements

We’re reproducing three announcements here.  The first is a notice that has been stuck on the entrances to Camberley’s House of Fraser.  (Apologies, but the reflections and poor quality of the photo were unavoidable.)

Surprisingly, the notice makes no explicit reference to the impact of the closure on the staff and businesses affected.  It also strikes us that the stated reason for closure is HoF’s ‘inflexible property portfolio’ rather than any competition from the internet.  Maybe these are two ways of saying the same thing?  Finally, we would have expected a lot of thought to go into the communication, yet it appears that no-one proof read it and spotted that that one paragraph was repeated, word-for-word.

Our second announcement is the one published on the borough council’s website.  It’s comforting to see concern for people mentioned, though it does come rather late in the text.  However, it’s not comforting to read the final paragraph, with two significant errors.  The RMA is NOT opposite the London Road Block (we presume that this is the area of the A30 referred to).  The RMA proper is roughly opposite the Frimley Road, and its main entrance is to the west of Park Street.  (This is not the first time that the council has shown confusion about its vision for the area.)  Finally, we don’t think there’s anywhere in the town called “Princess Walk” – mentioned in the final sentence.  Should senior council personnel should get out more and understand our town?

Or, perhaps we’re being unkind.  These errors are only details, obviously.  Perhaps senior people needn’t care about accuracy.

Our third announcement is more of a quotation.  The Eye actually knows Cirencester fairly well, so we have been following the fate of the House of Fraser there too.  We’ve just encountered this statement:

That’s how to do it.  Put people first.  Keep it simple.



6 thoughts on “House of Fraser – three announcements

  1. What date does the store close, look out for massive price reductions or at least realistic prices that’s why stores like TK max survive

  2. How much does the hopeless Council Leader get?

    Her statement is waffle and bull. With a dawning realisation that they have no real idea what to do or how, and casting around for excuses.

    “Flexible and agile” they absolutely haven’t been for x decades.

    IMHO Camberley has been cursed by having SHBC with a lack of democracy, vision and ambition.

    Maybe the best thing to do with HOF premises is make it into a mini mall like some on Orchard Rd, numerous small commercial outlets for everthing. However firstly the councils inability to improve access into Camberley centre has to be overcome.

    • That’s a joint statement rather than just the Leader’s. But it’s too much like propaganda to be convincing, so it devalues what it says. Re. the HoF building. Several people have said that the town needs SMALL office space for start-up businesses. So I’d explore this option first.

  3. Karen Wheelan needs to resign. She has been a disaster for Camberley. No regeneration in sight. No direct line to London. Shops closing and the high street looks a mess. Meanwhile council tax is up. Nice one.

    • I don’t hold the CEO directly responsible for all those things (and, to be fair, the council has very limited influence over our train service) But the CEO IS responsible for the culture of the council, and that’s where it all goes wrong .As I’ve written for years, it seems as if the council is scared of the residents; it has difficulty with genuine open communication.

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