More hairdressers (x 2?)

At long last, the new Kingsley’s barbers at the top of the High Street has opened.

But there’s a bit of a mystery about the former BBQ Pit shop on the A30.  As well as a load of used catering equipment that’s recently appeared in the window, several boxes that seem to contain barber’s chairs are now stacked just inside.  Is yet another barber on its way?

At a rough estimate, nearly ninety percent of the retailers in the London Road Block are independents.  Which should please those who don’t want Camberley to be the same as everywhere else.  And, of course, barbers, hairdressers, nailbars, e-cigarette shops, tattoo parlours and so on tend to be independents.  So those who want more independent retailers in Camberley – and that seems to include the borough council – will be happy to see more of the same.  Local consumers should be happy too, because more suppliers means a greater choice, and more competition to keep prices low.

5 thoughts on “More hairdressers (x 2?)

  1. David, you make a great pint about the rise of independents in the town. However, I fear some Camberley residents won’t be happy until every square foot of retail space is filled with M&S and John Lewis outlets

    • What a lot of rubbish! A balance is what we need: small independents to meat all local needs and a number of high profile outlets to encourage people to come in to the town, but of course until the rail links are improved little chance of that!

  2. Think you will find some of the Barbers in Camberley (Turkish) are related and maybe using the old BBQ pit as storage for now

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