Two very unusual photographs

Our two photographs today are of absolutely no relevance to Camberley.  Which may be a first for the Eye.  So why are we showing them?  Well, all our readers will know that Surrey Heath residents – through the borough council – ‘own’ The Square.  What they might not know is that residents have further interests in retail;  the county council bought a shopping centre in Malvern last year.  We were there a couple of weeks ago and we took these photos.  Sadly, we don’t think Camberley residents get a discount if they shop there!


It looks very nice on a sunny day (you can see the Malvern Hills in the background of our second photo.)  But on a cold, wet, day, we’d prefer the roof of the Square over us.  Not that the roof is publicised in any way, as far as we know.

4 thoughts on “Two very unusual photographs

  1. Good morning David,

    The ‘roof’ point is one I made whilst attending ‘planning seminar’ with various others, a commercial ‘consultancy’ company, and hosted by Jane Ireland of SHBC. One of the proposals (favoured by the consultants) was to open and remove the two East-West roofs and doorways to ease pedestrian ‘access’ across the Town Centre!?

    I am in Camberley until early Sunday morning. Tea, coffee, buns, cakes etc on me …. let me know. My phone numbers are 07816 924781 and 01276 24975 …. give me a call at your convenience. Or not?!

    Ian McLaughlin

  2. I don’t favour that idea at all – more scope for the brain dead at night. I quite like being “inside” in the winter.

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