Stairway to heaven?

You might remember that we’ve posted a couple of times lately about the stairs leading up to the train station.  The first time, we showed the stairs in a dangerous condition; the second time our photo showed them cordoned off.  Well, third time lucky – they’ve been repaired.

The repair might be functional.  It might even be cost-effective.  But it ain’t exactly beautiful.  Can we have a new station to match the council’s aspirations, please?

9 thoughts on “Stairway to heaven?

  1. That sums up Camberley to a tee, disgraceful……….. if you travel to Guildford which i did for the first time, how is it that every other station looks smart some even have hanging baskets and tubs come on Guys get it sorted, or better still knock it down and start again please.

    • Why would British Rail or our council spend money on making our railway station look lovely and welcoming when I would have thought that no-one in their right mind would be alighting here to look round our poor excuse of a ‘top destination town’? As for the state of the steps, if people are going into the station to get away from the town I would have thought that they would not care what their escape-route looked like just as long as there was one.

      • Oh, I understand the ‘least cost, least hassle’ solution. But our council should have given those it doesn’t control hell for using it.I

    • I suspect residents could arrange to hang and maintain hanging baskets. Is there the will? (It doesn’t help that the station building is so poor. It scarcely deserves hanging baskets – but it would be worth trying.)

  2. That stairway job sums up Camberley – cheap!!

    Maybe the galoots at Knoll Road will see this report and react;-

    Britain’s high streets are suffering a decline in shoppers even greater than that seen during the depths of the recession in 2009, creating a brutal climate that is putting thousands more retail jobs at risk. High street visits declined 3.3% in April, according to the BRC-Springboard tracker. In a sign of the malaise, Mothercare and Carpetright face crucial decisions this week as they seek to persuade investors to give them a cash lifeline so they can close unwanted stores.

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