Why not fill them with concrete??

This is the latest damage to a bollard in Park Street.  The bollard appears to be made of thin stainless steel sheet.  Would it have been better – or worse – if the bollard had been filled with concrete, with a stout reinforcing bar in the middle?

It wouldn’t cost much to do this, and just maybe a solid bollard would have survived to live another day.

10 thoughts on “Why not fill them with concrete??

  1. Council should use CCTV to track vehicle and claim off their insurance. It is a hit and run involving criminal damage and could have been a small person they hit if they couldnt see it.

  2. With a solid bollard, the car might have been damaged enough to ensure that a dangerous driver was off the road for a few days.

    • It’s mainly trucks that do the damage, Gisela. Possibly because of their satnav, they end up at the ‘wrong’ end of the pedestrianised stretch of road, so they back up it.

      • It’s amazing how many drivers think backing up a one-way street is OK and also forget that pedestrians have the right of way.

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