1 + 1 = ?

The other day we saw two No. 1 buses following each other closely in Knoll Road. What’s more, we’ve seen this happen before. Thinking about it, the bus in front will generally collect all the waiting passengers at a bus stop, so it may have to spend some time there.  The bus behind it might have no-one to pick up or drop off, and will have no real need to stop.  So why don’t buses catch each other up more often?

5 thoughts on “1 + 1 = ?

  1. Do not get me started on the number one service in camberley. Prices are ridiculous, half the drivers are rude or unresponse and there are never any updates on their Twitter if their are problems or not.

    • I moan about most things, but find the Number One service quite good. Off peak, it’s convenient for Farnborough station, and it’s quicker to travel from Frimley Road to Farnborough and thence to London, rather than via Camberley station. The last bus from Farnborough is timed to leave the station at 00:20, which is also convenient. I do agree that their Twitter is rubbish though

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