Flying the flag…

The Eye is often accused of being negative – mainly by those people who don’t like the facts and photos that we publish.  Sadly, those people will probably think we’re being negative in showing this photo of flags flying outside the council offices, in particular the council’s own flag in the middle.   In fact, our hope is that the picture will stimulate the council into replacing the scruffy flag – one which is incompatible with a ‘quality town’.  That’s actually being positive.

16 thoughts on “Flying the flag…

  1. The state of the flags nicely reflects the state of the council’s care of the community it is supposed to be looking after and nurturing. It shows apathy and a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude and the council should be shamed into resigning and slinking off into the sunset with their heads downcast. An aside – I wonder what the councillors’ homes look like and if they look as unloved and uncared for.

    • Good comment Angela..half the trouble is there is virtually no democracy (hence no vision,no ambition) on offer at Knoll House, and as we have seen recently some of the Cllrs there are only interested in jumping on bandwagons, making alot of noise on social media, and like our MP just chasing what they think is the populist vote as they hunt down the next bandwagon.

    • It’s a real puzzle. I imagine that most councillors and council staff are actually committed to what they’re doing. Yet the impression is still that no-one actually cares about Camberley. Simple things go uncorrected.

  2. I Dont think that you are being negative .. If these unkempt, un-maintained things were not around, you would not be able to bring them to our – and possibly the councils, should they bother to take notice – attention.

    • That’s very much my view too, Tony. It’s actually quite depressing to find that there’s more to criticise than to praise. (And those who think I’m too negative are free to provide positive items for the Eye. Why don’t they??)

  3. Scruffy, unloved, could not care less attitude springs to mind all of the time …emailed them yesterday again re the state of the pavements in the cul de sac where I live….pavements have not been cleaned for many years .by the council and we are fed up with doing their job……the tarmac on the pavement is covered in weeds and moss …needs scraping off and blasting with a high powered jet ………but at last they cleaned the hammerhead today…first time in 8 months! Hope some of you councillors are reading this! Am happy to supply photos.of the unkempt areas …………..

    • If it’s easy to send me the photos, Shirley, then please do so. But I won’t promise to publish them – it all depends on whatever else is newsworthy at the time….

  4. I wonder if the council have been approved to fly the flags of France and Germany in Camberley town. Surely our highly embarrassing Mr BREXIT local MP (who is not local and does not even live in the area) would not approve as he so vocally states he wants to stick two fingers up and snub all our local neighbour countries?

    • Its absolutely ridiculous that this person was bookies favourite for Home Sec a few wks back. (Back stabbing and ************** )
      There again name a politician who is any good in this country..impossible task.

      • The sad thing is Mr Snapper that the people have actually voted the misinformation king (I did not say liar) into his position – for many years actually – so he can basically do what he wants. It is very very worrying in my opinion that the people have not seen through him.

  5. How come they never seem to fly the flag of England, is it associated as being to nationalistic thus racist.

    • Oh yes But with such a large Tory majority, I think it would be very frustrating. Until residents show more desire for change, it would be a thankless task. At least, that’s what I suspect.

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