More through trains – if you don’t break your neck first

After the recent ‘excitement’ about through-trains from Camberley to London, we’d like to remind the powers-that-be of the reality.  It’s hardly news that our station is a disgrace; the fabric and the facilities are, let’s face it, awful.  But we can now add a new adjective to that – the station is dangerous…

The steps outside the building are disintegrating;  concrete slabs are loose and they’re an obvious hazard.  We know they’re not the responsibility of the borough council – but Camberley IS in Surrey Heath, so our council ought to be lobbying loudly and visibly for the station to be improved..  But is it?  We suspect not – we’re not aware of any truly-positive  actions that it’s taking.  Perhaps it could let us know?

10 thoughts on “More through trains – if you don’t break your neck first

  1. This photograph is a perfect illustration for the whole state of our town – down-at-heel, uncared for with no-one with the nous to sort out the problems. Anyone would think that we are living in a third world country. Actually, I should, perhaps, retract that statements as a lot of them seem to be better cared for than our town.

  2. Perhaps people who work in Knoll Towers travel there by taxi from Farnborough, or are whisked there by limousine (splashing local residents as they go).

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