A top 100 town?

A30 drivers – if they have time to look to the side of the road – can see further deterioration of the former dry-cleaners building.  It really makes you proud of Camberley.  Sadly, we suspect that it’ll be years before the building, which is part of the ‘London Road Block’, is demolished.

11 thoughts on “A top 100 town?

  1. Civic pride? Seems to have a different meaning for SHBC. What fascinates me is that a large percentage of council workers must drive/walk past the A30 frontage every day on their way to and from work and then sit in their office pontificating about Camberley’s future. Well I for one am embarrassed about the image Camberley portrays – in my view its about time the leadership team were held to account. In a commercial concern they would have been exited years ago. But maybe we cant afford the severance packages they undoubtedly have written into their contracts?

    • I imagine that most individuals within the council are committed to their jobs – it’s usually the case that people are. But you’re right, this doesn’t seem to get translated into genuine concern for the town! Some aspects of neglect go in for years, even though they’re obvious and easy to remedy. The ‘corporate culture’ – which is set at the top of an organisation – needs to change.

  2. As my last comment stated ,” The Slow Death of a Town” people will eventually not even see how many sites are like this, and just walk by. Sad.

  3. At least it isn’t anywhere near anything which could be a showcase for an outward looking Britain, such as, say, an internationally-famous military academy visited by the world’s soldiers and, occasionally, heads of state. If it were, just think what impression it might give of Camberley and the UK more generally. (Perhaps, spotting this particular building a few weeks ago, Mr Macron remembered he had some dry cleaning to pick up…)

  4. Apart from the slip road, the potholes along that stretch of the A30 road are shameful and an embarrassment when seen by those visiting the Academy from abroad. Some Third World countries have better roads. If the Council are serious about improving the look of Camberley, they should get on to the Highways Authority. The road’s been ruined by heavy traffic diverted along there when the M3 was closed for improvements.

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