The museum – the Eye foretold the future

You’ll be aware that in March the borough council Executive decided to close the Surrey Heath Museum.  This was after an extensive consultation lasting months.  So we’re re-posting an item that we originally published last September.  Make what you will of the final paragraph (and, indeed, of the paragraph before that, as we no longer have a police desk in the council offices).


It’s only four years since we first commented on the sign on the side of Barclays Bank that pointed to the ‘ivic Hall’. From memory, the theatre hasn’t actually been called the ‘Civic Hall’ for around twenty seven years. It’s had two ‘renamings’ since then; first as the ‘Arts Link’ and then as ‘Camberley Theatre’.P1050338We’ve pointed out the tatty and out-of-date sign a number of times since 2013. And, at last, mirabile dictu, it’s been replaced. Here’s the new version:

The somewhat surprising thing is that there’s no mention of the ‘police station’. Presumably anyone who has their bag snatched in the High Street is supposed either to know that the police are now based in the council offices, or to just go away and not make a fuss.

More thought-provoking is the fact that there’s no mention of the museum. The future of the museum is the subject of a current consultation by the council, but the implication is either that – like the police – the museum will continue to be located in the council offices, OR that the museum won’t exist in anything like its current form before too long. We’ll bet that it’s the latter, consultation or not.

12 thoughts on “The museum – the Eye foretold the future

  1. The police presence for the public in the council offices has ceased to be. It was closed at the end of March. If you need to visit a police station you will have to go to Woking or Guildford.

  2. According to Councillor Morley we now have a yellow telephone outside SH House instead of a police post!!! Not much consolation.

  3. Does anyone go to police stations any more? In your example of a ‘bag snatch’ I suspect the victim would be more likely to use their mobile phone to report the incident, or go into a nearby commercial premises.

  4. Apparently if you are injured in a car accident, you have to report to a police station within 24 hours. Someone please tell me you’re not supposed to travel to Woking!

    • I’ve been told that the law might be changed But I don’t know if it’s true. The irony is that the accident might have made your car unusable – getting to Woking could be tedious.

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