Fone shop – we were alerted by the smell of paint!

It’s pretty obvious from our photo that something is happening at last in the new ‘Fone Shop’ in the mall.  The lights are on!  But what we actually noticed was the smell of paint coming through the gap along the edge of the door.  Weird!

10 thoughts on “Fone shop – we were alerted by the smell of paint!

    • Smart phone usage in the next few years in the UK is expected to increase, albeit more slowly than in the past. And “In 2013, a British study found that the average iPhone was broken or damaged roughly 10 weeks from purchase. Most of these accidents were mundane. Others are quite different.
      Square Trade, a third-party electronics warranty company, details some of the strange ways smartphones get “retired.” Sports fans are particularly butterfingered, the company reports. Among the 23 million Americans that have damaged their phones while watching a sporting event, 12 percent flung their phone in a fit of passion, while 13 percent dropped their phone into their beers.”

  1. I really object to these “Trendy” spellings – why cant they just call it “Telephone Shop”, “Mobile shop” or “Phone shop”. Children learn by reading and seeing words?

    What would you do if your child started writing “I am no filosofer, but this fenomenon of deliberately spelling words wrong like fotograph, foenix and feasant, They’ll never be fysicians or fysicists.”

    I would never use a shop like that on principle. Sadly, many of our town folk probably don’t know its spelt wrong.

    How about going the other way, let’s open another “Takeaway Phood Shop” That would be a hit with the illiterate.

    • I know how you feel! But it’s a lost cause, I suspect. To put it in context: in recent days, because of the increase in murders in London, the newspapers have reproduced messages on the social media sent by gang members. The average Eye reader would struggle to understand what’s written. (For the record, I do have a copy of ‘Eats, Shoots and Leaves’.)

  2. Owners of these establishments with incorrectly spelt signs seem to be getting a large percentage of the population stirred up about the poor level of their understanding of English grammar, but, everyone is talking about them. Perhaps that is the whole point of the exercise.

      • As far as I can tell from when my sons were at school and now my grandsons attend not much correcting of bad spelling went on/goes on. Teachers were always telling me that they ignored it as they did not want to stifle the students’ creativity.

      • My grandsons are too young to get involved with grammar. But I’m very impressed by the emphasis the school puts on vocabulary and spelling.

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