The museum – the latest position

Just over a month ago we wrote about a just-published council discussion paper which had been prepared for a meeting of the council’s Executive Committee.  The paper looked at future options for the Surrey Heath museum.  Non-controversially, the paper said that the council offices were the wrong place for the museum;  it could never attract enough visitors there.  But, as we pointed out, the subsequent recommendation was simply to close the museum.  Options for moving it to a more central location weren’t mentioned.  This seemed to be a gross oversight, which, we speculated, meant that the decision had already been made to avoid any ‘bricks and mortar’ facility in the future.

However, this notice appeared on the door of the Heritage Centre – opposite Argos – a few days ago.  So we’ve just re-read the minutes of the aforementioned Executive Committee meeting.  They make no mention of relocating the museum to the town centre in the near future.  Indeed they say that the proposal was “to deliver the service in a new and more modern way.”  So it seems that the council has had a recent change of heart.  In which case, why has it taken so long to adopt the obvious option and move the museum display into any of the shops which aren’t in commercial use?  Even better, one which is already known as the ‘Heritage Gallery’?

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