House of Fraser vandalism?

When a couple of letters disappeared from the name ‘House of Fraser’ in Princess Way during the snow, we assumed that the cold weather was responsible somehow.  But now further letters have gone.  (See our two photos).  So we suspect that a more human agent caused the damage.  We remember that, some years ago, a letter was deliberately removed from the name MacDonalds over the corner gift shop opposite the HoF.  Maybe the same thing is happening again even though the House of Fraser lettering isn’t so easy to reach.

9 thoughts on “House of Fraser vandalism?

      • Does anyone know who is actually responsible for maintenance for all of the buildings that SHBC have purchased ?

      • Undoubtedly someone knows, Shirley. I certainly don’t know the local arrangements, but I expect that leases are FRI – “… the majority of commercial leases are classified as ‘Fully Repairing and Insuring’ (FRI Leases). FRI Leases hold the tenant liable for all maintenance and insurance costs from the commencement of the lease. It is then the tenant, and not the commercial landlord, who is responsible for ensuring the property is fully compliant with building regulations, health and safety legislation and for the general every day maintenance of the property.”

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