The unanswered question.

You’ll probably remember the council’s on-line Facebook ‘panel session’ at the end of January.  The public submitted more questions than could be answered in the allotted hour, so the council promised to put responses to the unanswered questions on its website.  It has now done this; you’ll find the result HERE.

Well, yes and no.  One of the ten questions that we asked was “Scaffolding outside the former Stacks shop in the High Street has been blocking the pavement for many months.  Work on the building appears to have ground to a halt – what options does the council have for remedying the situation.”  To which we still don’t have an answer.

We’re not trying to make life difficult for the owners of the building concerned.  But the scaffolding has been obstructing the pavement for so long without any work being carried out that something has to be done about it.  We haven’t asked specifically what steps the council is taking – this, we imagine, would be confidential information.  But we have asked what, in principle, the council could do.  Sadly, we remain in the dark.

2 thoughts on “The unanswered question.

  1. I used your blog to get access to the SHBC “panel session” summary. I notice that one of their answers contains the statement “footfall (in the town centre) is performing slightly better than the National average”. Not many years ago, we were told that the footfall “is the best in the country”. I infer that footfall has become less than in many towns.

    • It’s a somewhat vague statement. It probably means that footfall in Camberley HAS dropped, but by not quite as much as the national average. Which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy

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