Somewhere to retire to?

We’ve already mentioned the proposed new retirement apartments in Park Street.  However, since then we’ve visited an exhibition in the theatre of the planned development.  We learned some further details.  In brief, the proposal is to build sixty one one/two bedroom sheltered apartments for older people. There will be sixty one parking spaces behind the building (the adequacy of parking spaces in new developments is always contentious!).  The building will be five/six storeys high.  The existing vehicle accesses from Park Street will be eliminated, with access to the site being via Southwell Park Road only.  Landscaping will be carried out along Park Street (this is promising – the current frontages are mixed and have little appeal.

The buildings that will be demolished are shown by the red outline in this photograph:

The site plan is shown below:

A black and white handout at the exhibition showed the proposed Park Street frontage of the building.  We’re not convinced by what it shows – the building (which, of course, would be considerably taller than the ones which it replaced, being comparable with the new buildings in Park Lane nearly opposite the site) looks somewhat flat and featureless.  But we recall having doubts about the new Pembroke Broadway care home frontage as shown in early drawings;  we quite like the actual building now.  So we’ll wait for better illustrations.

‘Renaissance Retirement’ – the developers – is inviting feedback.  You’ll find the developers’ website at though it contains little information about Camberley at the moment.  Feedback should be sent to  We can’t find any deadline for feedback, but the review of feedback will be in “March – April”, so if you want to respond, don’t wait too long.  No doubt the fact that there’s been an opportunity to comment will be highlighted in the planning application itself.


6 thoughts on “Somewhere to retire to?

  1. Considering there are already retirement flats on the opposite side of the road, all I see is Camberley being a welcome place for the elderly.
    Not against the elderly, because I’m catching up fast, but really this smacks in the face of the council’s annual plan for 2018/19 which states “Look at the potential for developing a start-up space for budding new enterprises.”

    I’d rather the council encourage diverse enterprises in the area than continually line the pockets of property developers.
    Camberley should not be a place you go to to die.

    • If the council is so insistent that Camberley needs new residential units why are they not encouraging the building of homes for the young as well as the old/older people – and not just to be purchased but to be rented, too. From what I can see the young are much more in need of accommodation than the older people in this area at the moment.

      • At the moment the council has to rely on commercial developers to build whatever makes the most sense commercially. Increasing council tax to pay for less profitable accommodation for young people would create its own problems….

    • I know exactly what you mean. But Camberley is threatened by larger surrounding towns, it has poor rail/road communications, new family homes carry a penalty to protect endangered birds. Specialising in care/retirement homes asks some of these problems – and it’s demographically robust, ensuring the survival of the town. So maybe it’s the best of some unattractive options?

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