16 thoughts on “Less coffee and fewer burgers in Camberley

  1. This article just shows how much I need this kind of outlet in Camberley. I had never heard of, or been in need of, either of them. This is not to say that I do not acknowledge the needs of other people who do use them, but, if they are that important why are they closing and how long will other similar establishments last? Another question, if I may? I wonder how long it will be before another cafe/restaurant/etc opens in their places?

  2. I have no sympathy for the business but some for the employees. It is actually a failure of their business plan – a failed analysis of customer desire. I can understand that the Windsor one is doing ok due to tourism and there always being people looking for a restaurant, but in Camberley, its only local people who will choose carefully where they will eat and spend their money and a burger is not really a treat for most. Its also about repeat business when it comes to local people so if you go once and not overly impressed with price, quality or service, then you are unlikely to return and this is a contributory factor for my family to never have gone back.
    What would be nice is a local person running their own restaurant rather than another commercial chain – I think that would be a real money spinner and popular venue for locals but may need council support in subsidies. That’s what makes a great town – local independent businesses that care about their local people more than their greedy senior management profits and shareholders.

    • Spot on Mark. I’ve lost count of the number of local friends and colleagues, ourselves included, who feel there is a gap in the market for good quality independent food and drink venues.

      • Spot on, Mark and Stuart. Why can’t we have restaurants – or eateries of any kind – where all the food is freshly made with local, or as local as possible, produce in season. I hate going out to a meal and finding that most of the meal is bought in and just heated up. It does not matter where you go all the food is the same type with very little taste – and is over-priced for what it is.

    • Totally agree…too many chains with rubbish food and rip off prices..and many of them surviving …JUST! On Tesco deals…and we also need a decent bus service after 6 pm…

      • But shops only survive if people use them. What you call ‘rubbish food’ must have sufficient appeal to keep the restaurants above water. And I imagine that the bus companies will argue that they (only) run services that make a profit. Which, given that they’re commercial companies, is almost inevitable. None of this will change in a capitalist economy. But I have a fear of centrally-planned economies – they don’t have a good track-record. China might be an exception – in which case we need to be more like China.

  3. I think you’re being a bit hard, Mark. No business/business owner can tell the future, and if success depended on asking the customer what they wanted, the iPhone wouldn’t exist. So any new business venture is a bit of a gamble. If it’s funded by their own money (raising a loan on a house?) then the owner will really suffer if the business fails. And the answer to Angela and Stuart is surely that, what might seem to be an obvious business opportunity in opening a ‘quality’ local restaurant can’t be so attractive when subjected to a rigorous business plan. Otherwise someone would have already done it? I can immediately think of one independent local restaurant that fits your description and it doesn’t have queues of people waiting for an empty table.

    • That’s interesting because the only quality independent restaurants I am aware of in central Camberley are usually busy and I am sure anyone opening a really good quality restaurant or wine bar should be able to make a success of it. The problem with Byron and Love Coffee is that the quality was poor and didn’t meet the expectations of the local people.

      • Look at xxxxxxx [name removed] local Business must cost more to open the door it always seems dead .

      • I don’t really comment on the service offered by local shops. As just one customer it’s too easy not to see the total picture, week in week out. So I’ve gone as far as I’m going.

  4. My biggest fear is that House of Fraser will go…always empty..I do hope that I am wrong and we do not have another(Allders ) different situation..of course…but HOF will survive in Guildford of course…but maybe not Camberley. ?….

      • My family and I have lived in Camberley for more than forty years and in that time we have witnessed the high and low points of shopping in Camberley. But when the high points recovered from the low points they never fully recovered and now we are at the lowest point that I have ever seen. It is no wonder that the shops are slowly seeming to be more and more empty as slowly all the decent shops are leaving town and the shoppers are leaving too (you can’t shop where most of the units are either empty or just eateries) to either shop in towns with a better selection of shops or to shop on-line.

    • Well, we get the shops we deserve. But the state of the pavement at al is the responsibility of the council. Maybe we get the council we deserve too, though, if we vote carelessly.

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