Surrey Heath Museum. Is it history or not?

In the recent on-line Q&A session, the future of the borough’s museum in Knoll Road was raised.  It was apparent that no decision was going to be made public at that point.  But it also seemed pretty clear that some fairly significant changes were coming.  The message was that the old way of doing things had served the borough well – but it was the old way.

The council is looking for a fresh start with a more modern approach to providing museum services.  (Interestingly, on other occasions the council has referrred to ‘heritage services’, as if a bricks and mortar museum would be a thing of the past.  But no such terminology was used during the Q&A session.  Can anything be read into this – or was the council just being careful?)

4 thoughts on “Surrey Heath Museum. Is it history or not?

  1. More interestingly, if you are disabled, which way do you go to get into the register Office ? Left to the lift or straight on to the entrance as both are signposted for disabled. Does no one at the council spot this and report it or is is no ones job until the public complain.

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