Does the council ever feel embarrassed?

When this new ‘artwork’ appeared on the A30 recently, we wrote an item which said that we expected that it would be there “for years”.  Why did we say that?  Well, judge for yourself….

Almost the whole stretch of buildings facing the A30 between the High Street and Park Street is known as the London Road Block (LRB).  In mid-2015 we wrote an article titled ‘Camberley – the town that time will forget?’  This highlighted the council’s earlier forecast that a planning application to redevelop the LRB would be submitted by the end of 2014.  The forecast was based on the assumption that the then-owners of the shopping mall would be prime movers in the redevelopment.  But to the Eye this was obviously not going to be the case.  We wrote in our article:  ‘For longer than we care to remember, we have been saying that the council needs a ‘Plan B’.’

The council STILL needs a ‘Plan B’.  Indeed, it doesn’t seem to have a firm ‘Plan A’ either!  At the moment, apparently it’s looking at the feasibility of various schemes for the LRB.  As recently as last summer, it was telling residents that a planning application would be submitted by the end of 2017.  Now it’s saying that this won’t happen until perhaps the end of THIS year, or the beginning of the next.

These are the FACTS.  Based on the facts, when do YOU think the the artwork and hoarding will be removed?

(If you want to read our 2015 article in full, you’ll find it HERE.  Note that, for simplicity, the article loosely refers to the mall’s owners as ‘The Mall’)

11 thoughts on “Does the council ever feel embarrassed?

    • The council isn’t much good at measuring. Ask about progress towards becoming a Top 100 town is being measured, and what the datum is, but you’re unlikely to get a meaningful answer.

  1. I was looking at this from a similar viewpoint the other day, and wondering whether the council should take another approach. Given that diddly squat has happened for many years, and given the time it took for the Atrium to be built and how long that site was a car park before that, maybe they should either a) pull everything down and turn the area into a pothole filled car park like the Atrium site used to be, or b) rather than hiding it behind hoardings, remove the said hoardings and spruce up the crumbling buildings behind with a fresh lick of paint, to return a bit of character to the area, which might, just might, cause people crawling along the A30 to consider, just for a moment, stopping in the town and spending a little money there…

    • From memory, I read a few months ago that the council ‘only’ owned about 80% of the LRB. So maybe your suggestion isn’t feasible yet. And, though I think the expectation was that the LRB redevelopment would include a new multi-storey car park, the reality is that the town coped – just about – without one during the Christmas rush.

  2. its a do nothing, doesn’t care council with little or no democracy so there are no new ideas or vision.
    Anyone who believes there is More to Discover behind a vinyl sheet is wishful thinking.

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