Rotting away

This is the latest state of the windows in the Cambridge Hotel.  The broken glass in one has been covered inside with rigid plastic sheeting, but the wooden frames are in a poor condition.

The thing is, given that we still don’t know what’s going to happen to the London Road Block just the other side of the High Street, would YOU decide what to do with the old hotel if you owned it?

6 thoughts on “Rotting away

  1. David. I wrote of to the management company this week, and am still waiting for a response. 18 months ago I received a very positive reply from them, but since then they have failed to answer emails, or phone calls. My contact is always out or at a meeting. Promised responses just do not happen. It is a real shame that this historic building is just being allowed to rot, they are aware of its historic importance. If it becomes dangerous for pedestrians presumably the Council would contact them to make it safe?

  2. No civic pride in this Top100 Town.
    The A30 frontage makes it look like a slum town to those passing thru (..and sensibly not stopping and wasting precious time looking for somewhere to park)

  3. I really hope this isn’t an example whereby the developer plays the waiting game to make pulling the whole thing down much easier.

    • My own view is that the writing is already on the wall for the old building. So I don’t think there’s much to be gained as far as planning permission is concerned by waiting.

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