Propping up the High Street

A month ago, the borough council announced: “Surrey Heath Borough Council has secured funding [a £3.5 million grant] to improve the High Street and public spaces in Camberley Town Centre. SHBC will add funds of £900k, so the total budget for the project is £4.4 million.”

We don’t entirely agree with the council’s plans, but in the real world the High Street is looking scruffier and it desperately needs attention.  There are now TWO buildings with scaffolding obstructing the pavement, yet where no work seems to be underway.  We’ve commented before about the former Stacks shop which is now little more than a facade.  Nothing appears to have happened there for many months, and the rear of the premises seems to accumulate building and other waste.  The signs attached to the scaffolding are becoming ‘permanent’ – at what point will they require planning permission?

More recently scaffolding appeared at the front of the former Kitchen Kapers, but we’ve not seen it being used very much lately.

Is the High Street jinxed?

UPDATE – since writing this, we’ve seen work being carried out on the rear of the building.  But all was quiet at the front.

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